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21 March 2010

Sunday Sketching 21March2010 "Yuri on the Shed"

Still bare bones in the garden, as I look out my window. Only branches except for the evergreens. Yuri, my Russian Blue pussycat, decided that the top of the shed was a nice place to sit and enjoy the day. So here is my sketch for today, the first time I am participating in the Sunday Sketches Challenge at Blue Chair Diary.

I'm going to have to learn how to press harder when sketching as it isn't too clear after scanning. Clicking on it does enlarge the image and makes it clearer. (Thanks Lissa for pointing  that out.) I tried using fancy* drawing pencils instead of my usual HB. They seem to smear a lot. I guess that is by design but I'll have to learn which pencil is best for what use. 

Sketchers, do you just use HBs or an assortment of pencils when you sketch? Thanks!

*well they were from the dollar store..... but they were "drawing pencils"! I have more expensive ones but I can't tell the difference yet, so until I can, I will learn to use these. 


  1. Hi Eva!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome! :) And welcome to Sunday Sketches!!! :) I just added a link to your wonderful sketch above to today's post. You have talent and I am looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. it's not quite clear but it looks like a cat resting on a roof, cute

  3. Very delicate - a light touch. I like your view!

    Look forward to seeing next Sunday's sketch.


  4. The cat is so cute!! I have an assortment of nice pencils but mostly I tend to stick to a HB or 2B sometimes the darker ones help with extra shading but I find them a bit messier too. I think your sketch is great and would love to see you add colour or ink to it!! Great work :0)

  5. I also use HB and an assortment. I like the ability to shade alot of my sketches. I also use other shading tools as well. :)

  6. I get Yuri's personality in just those few little strokes -- more, more! This drawing also brings back wonderful memories of the Russian Blue that was my companion during my post college years -- Roxanne (after Police's song). She was also a magical cat -- she helped my father and I rebuild a relationship once he reached sobriety. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your heart-felt comments.


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