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12 April 2010

5 Senses and Travelling Zen Doodles

This week was rather chaotic - Easter Monday, two days at the office and then I left Thursday for a jam-packed conference and arrived back very late Sunday night. I still managed to do something creative each day - though not all were in my CED2010 book. The first few days I tried to focus on this month's theme - the five senses. The rest of the week all I brought with me were some pens and a few sheets of sketching paper, so zen doodling was the activity of plane rides and multitasking during a few breaks and sessions.

Monday: I was thinking about things that involved all senses and popcorn came to mind - Sound as it pops; Smell - oh my! If ever anyone zaps popping corn in the microwave at the office, everyone immediately wonders who has the popcorn! Taste - yummy and crunchy; Sight - the little fluffy kernels and the touch - soft in places, hard in others. Even my pussycat (next image) likes popcorn! So here is my attempt at pastelled popcorn.

Tuesday: Yuri (pastel version below) always brings out most of my five senses. Touch - such soft fur; Sight - such a beautiful guy; Sound - meowing for treats or to be let out or inside; Smell - especially when wet or just after eating his food! and Taste - well hmm that's the only stretch - he has very picky taste buds and only really likes his treats, food, water and of all things, popcorn - especially cheese popcorn! Go figure?!

Wednesday: Combining the Five Senses into a Zen Doodle...





So this was my week. I'm still on track for CED2010. I didn't do as good a job at exercising though. I did laps in the hotel pool one morning. Since it has been a long time since my last set of laps in the Fall, I was very pleased that I completed my usual routine and in a larger pool! Otherwise between travel and sessions, I walked more than usual but didn't exercise as much. Travelling is quite disruptive to "routines" but has so many benefits in terms of new things to observe and learn, new people to meet, etc that imho it outweighs any disruption.

How was your week? I look forward to reading all about them!


  1. I think you captured the popcorn perfectly! The zen doodles look like so much fun. I imagine your mind can just relax and go to wonderful places while you're doodling, or do you focus your mind on the doodle? I agree, traveling and seeing new places is wonderful!

  2. Wonderful drawings and inspiring work! And it is awesome that you did a drawing every day.


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