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18 April 2010

Sunday Sketching "Daffodils"

I was traveling last weekend so while I did a zen doodle on the flight between Houston and Newark, it was more for CED2010 than Sunday Sketching. Today I'm back to participate and I decided to cut a few of my now blooming daffodils and try to draw them. I first did a pencil sketch:

But it smudged, and scanned very poorly. After several attempts, I had to make a number of lines heavier just to see them! So I decided to keep working and add some watercolours to it:

I like it better with colour but it still didn't seem to scan well.

I look forward to seeing your sketches!


  1. Hi, I like the daffodils, one of my favorite spring flowers!

  2. I wonder about your scanner, it seem to have scanned at an odd angle but I like your efforts in trying


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