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25 April 2010

Sunday Sketching 25April2010 Self-Portrait attempt (with leggy friend)

I've been thinking of attempting a self-portrait. How does one do this? I didn't think sitting in front of a mirror would work for me so I decided to use a photo. This one is from a trip to Jamaica when I was holding an octopus for the first time! Not sure it actually looks like me but....it is a first attempt. The/my hair made me laugh as it was tied back and wet (just out of the water after snorkelling!) with a few quick drying wispy strays. Not sure I quite captured it but trying to was fun.

As usual my scanner is poor with pencil drawings and the paper is just a little too big - but it improves with double clicking...

I'm looking forward to seeing all your great sketches for Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketching


  1. I am so glad I clicked to see this bigger, the details come to life. You have captured spirit in your eyes and how fun that you are holding an octopus. I have never tried to sketch a self portrait, you are inspiring me.

  2. Great self portrait, what a lovely expression you have captured, I've never attempted a self portrait but you have inspired me now! Great work! :0)

  3. Very nice self portrait!! Your eyes are amazing, very nice work!

  4. I love her/you...
    I am a lover of self portraits. I can the sense the apprehension in the smile!
    Have a wonderful week Eva!

  5. Hi, This is a great self portrait. - good for you! Looks like you were having fun!!


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