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05 April 2010

Eye see and other little creations...

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great creative week! This one flew by with the best weather yet this year! What a total pleasure and treat! I am looking forward to seeing your efforts this week! Here are mine:

Monday: Very tired today after work so only a quick, very rough sketch looking out the glass of my patio door:

Tuesday: Had no idea what I'd do today when I sat down at my desk at home, then I looked out the window, saw (and heard!) a family of chickadees in the tree flittering around and playing! What a delightful sight! 


April Fool's Day aka Thursday:

Some days I feel like the first image and then the second one overrules it. I still don't know where I am going with my CED2010 involvement. I am almost finished my blank journal where I have been creating. (yes, I bought another one ) and that seemed like quite the creation itself! But as I was drawing this and clicking on the new CED2010 Mr. Linky links, I came across something that means I might do more rather than less! 

Friday: I posted this one to the Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge - a fun challenge and a lovely group!!

Saturday: My forsythia is so gorgeous at the moment that I cut some, put it in a vase and decided to try and capture it! 

Happy Easter aka Sunday: Hope everyone had a Happy  Easter!

A good and productive week for me. I kept up with CED2010, exercised or gardened (strenuously - so I'm counting it as exercise! I sure don't have the energy to both exercise AND garden!) 6 times this week. I started two new creative endeavors. The first, a Gardening Art Journal:

and completed the cover and 4 pages. Not sure that I need to show the actual pages here, but so far I am enjoying the process. Does anyone else keep a Gardening Art Journal? The second, I came across (and I apologize to whoever mentioned it in the weekly check-in, but I didn't keep track of where I saw this) on April Fool's Day. How appropriate! International Fake Journal Month!! I'm not sure what appeals to me so much about this (keeping a fake journal for a month) but I immediately decided to participate and have 4 journal pages already done! I'm usually not into "FAKE" but.... I will likely check-in with Roz on Tuesdays so if you are interested in what my alter-ego for April is doing and where he/she (?) is adventuring, please come by then. Lastly, I participated in Sunday Sketching at Blue Chair Diary with this Easter themed entry. I'm pooped! Next week I will be at a conference out of town for much of the week so I'm not sure of what I will create, except for a better understanding of what is happening related to the conference topic!

What about you? How was your week creatively? My best wishes to all of you for a great week coming up!!



  1. Your senses are leading you to some creative work...lovely sketches!

  2. You must feel so productive...keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, what a productive week! Your involvement with CED2010: Sometimes it's more fun to go along than to know where we're going. Destination will show when you're truly arrived. ;)


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