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26 April 2010

Some garden inspiration and random creations

Still at it! Some days are harder than others for CED2010 and I ask myself if I am going to continue. Then an idea pops up and I continue. This week was a bit disjointed as a result.

Monday: Totally random - just decided to start with the CD circle and stopped halfway through and it turned into a sort of zen jellyfish!

Tuesday: I decided to go out to my garden for inspiration. My rock arabis are in bloom. How does one draw white on white paper? I tried some pastel pencils (chalky vs oily) and I think the flowers show up. Better if (double) clicked to enlarge.

Wednesday: My saucer magnolia bud in watercolour...

Thusday: I was going to try to draw my forget-me-nots but they called to be zen doodled instead...

Friday: One of those blank days with no ideas so I decided to try to draw the figure on my new CED2010 book - one of Rodin's sketches...

Saturday: Another blank thought when I pulled my book out. I bought an extra pastel - beige and it is so smooth - but I haven't had a reason to use it. So I was thinking - what could I do that would use that pastel? Sitting on my desk (don't ask me why, I'm not exactly sure but every time I look at him, he makes me smile) is a troll. He's that colour! So here is my pastelled troll. (Even with my meager attempt, a picture of him makes me smile too!)

Sunday: I took a few thing outside to the deck and while I was looking at the budding trees, this came together...

I got back to my exercise routine, continued work on my fake journal (still finding that an unusual and fascinating experience) and did my first attempt at a self-portrait for Sunday Sketches. And spent time looking through all your amazing work (though not commenting much - sorry). 

So that was my week. How was yours?

 I'm thinking of trying something different this week. Drawing the same thing a variety of different ways - pastel, watercolour, sketch and styles - realistic, abstract, zen doodled, etc. I debating between my saucer magnolia or the front view of my house. Which do you think I should try? Please "vote" in the comments! 

And - will you join me in this experiment? Thanks!



  1. such a beautiful and fun week you have had! I love your troll and would have to draw him as well!

    You have such a breadth of skills ... it is amazing to see the variety of medium you work in ... i think the idea of one subject in different forms is an excellent experiment. I guess I am partial to plants and vote for the magnolia.

  2. Hi Eva!
    Loved seeing all your art this week, looks like youve been a busy bee!
    Your experiment sounds interesting too, cant wait to see the outcome! :-)

  3. How cool! I love your artistic adventures.

    I vote for the front of your house, because I saw someone who did all doors as a challenge. Each day of the week she did it in a different medium. The first was photos, the second was collage, the third was pen and ink and so forth. It turned out really interesting.

  4. Hi,

    I love the zentangles, as always. What an interesting idea to draw the same thing all week in various ways. I may give it a try.

  5. Wow, a creation a day. You are very dedicated. I love the drawings!


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