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29 December 2010

Nutcrackers Galore!! (Scene One)

One of the things I love about Christmas is seeing my extensive nutcracker collection again. They start their exodus from basement storage on December 1st until they are full emerged with the decorating of the tree. I have loved seeing how some of you decorate your homes for Christmas (especially Heather's at Rose Hill Designs) and have been promising (threatening?) to show mine! I finally got around to taking the photos (too many photos)! 

I have a few new editions this year. First (and most exciting and important) is my new painting by Kristin Dudish as part of her 30 in 30 for 30 series. I am so thrilled to have him! 

(topped by my new "Chorus Line" nutcrackers that I received as a gift for Xmas) 
 ( from Bombay Company)

Here are a lot more! (Not quite all but many!) From my Living Room....

Painting from a Craft Fair

(Some of mine to match the painting)

Kings to the left

Santas to the right

Card holders and stocking hangers

New "Cats" Nutcracker (Christmas gift)

The Tree - not all nutcrackers but many!!

These two big guys stay out all the time and are wonderful servers as side tables. 

More rooms to follow in Scene Two!


  1. Seriously, girl! Look at all of those nutcrackers! WoW! I will SO have to remember this about you for the next holiday season. I love the different kinds you have. You really have an amazing collection. :)

  2. Wow - when you said you had a nutcracker collection... I had no idea... very cool.

    I feel so so honored to be a part of it (and thank you for the very kind mention - it was so nice of you :) )


    p.s. those side tables are so much fun!!!


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