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08 December 2010

Whimsical Wednesday - Girl in Green

I've always think of my "Girls with Funny Hats" as being rather whimsical. Since today is another Whimsical Wednesday at Web of Whimsy, I thought I'd create a new girl. This one is all decked out in the holiday spirit!

Are you feeling whimsical today?


  1. Hi Eva, just got done looking at what I've missed.
    The ornaments are so 3d...great work! I have done a few more pages in my SBP, but haven't taken pictures yet...I am trying to dream about the cover right now, it's (the book) getting quite fat and I a scheming for a brilliant idea for it. I remember in September thinking...oh, the cover? No problem...HAH!

    You are an amazing trooper, Eva, taking on more and more...I can feel your joy in it!

  2. fabulous - great addition to the whimsy...thanks for the smile and joining the play

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by the mountain mermaid. I love your doodles - your whimsical woman, your zen doodle ornaments...and you holiday snowman header. Very inspirational. Sure looks like you're figuring out your blog - and I love the name...you can keep it really dynamic.

  4. Beautiful! She has great holiday spirit! The lights are wonderful! :)
    Thank you for your nice comment. The name came and then the drawing, but they're connected. The name of your blog can also mean being determined - being really focused on something. Just a thought. I think it's great :)


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