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28 December 2010

SBP - I'm sorry I forgot you were wool!

Have you finished the Sketchbook Project? (Did you sign up?) I was hoping to finish by year end but there are still so many pages left to do! Well at least there is one more done and one less to do in my challenging "I'm sorry I forgot you" theme.

Here it is:

Hmm now what next?


  1. Another good one!
    I am looking foward to seeing the nutcracker collection. The final SBP push...
    next year I vow to start earlier! Without you I can't imagine where I would be. Thank you for helping me, Eva, you are a true pro.

  2. Ha! I have a sweater that looks just like that :)

    Great job - I love how the washer & dryer look in the double spread!


  3. Eva,
    You're really inspiring. I cannot believe how you have just pushed yourself through this project. Kudos to you girl! :)


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