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02 February 2012

29 Faces in February - #2

Ayala Art has a new challenge for February - 29 Faces. Great inspiration - especially if you are like me and want to practice "portraiture". (It sounds so fancy saying it that way!) 

Day 2 - I was flipping through a cosmetics flyer....

And decided this time to add a bit of watercolour pencil to the pencil sketch (and a little water to her lips). (Clarity improves with double-clicking on the sketch...)

Looking forward to seeing your faces! 


  1. Lovin' your new portraits.
    Funny, I always thought you were really good at capturing the essence of a person.
    Is that Einstein below?

  2. I like it Eva. 28 more to go for you. :)) Enjoy and have fun.

  3. Pretty girl! I'd buy the lipstick, LOL.

  4. Really well done especially the eyes and the lips.

  5. Gotta love those lips, perfect for Valentines Day ;) Great fun Eva!


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