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21 February 2012

29 Faces in February - #21 plus Scribbling... for PETZ

OMG - what fun has Sunshineshelle started?! A few days ago she linked to this cool digital doodling site and ... well I had to try it!

PETZ.    But friends?

I had no idea that this is what I would come up with - but once complete, it seemed like a fun submission for the Butterfly Effect's theme of PETZ this week!

Here is my 21st face for Ayala Art's 29 Faces in February challenge. Another in my scientist series. this is my attempt to capture Linus Pauling.

Linus Pauling by EVA


  1. Fun, fun, fun EVA!

    I have become addicted to this scribbler program (that Melisa @ Toad in a Boat shared):

    It is similar to the one you used, but you do your drawing first then click on a button and it scribbles it in front of you... mesmerizing!

    (It's about the only art I've managed to do this month... there is something very relaxing about it.)


  2. That is fantastic! Why is everyone's scribbles coming out so beautiful. Mine are all...well scribbles. :)

  3. The digital tool that Sunshineshelle is going to become addictive. I can totally see it. :)

    Once again, nice work on your faces. Love how you challange yourself.

  4. ohh I love your two pets... looks like they where friends :-)...scribbeling is so much fun, isn´t it?!

  5. I tried that site and all I managed was a wad of spiderwebs hahahaha I love your petz and the man on pencil has such tender eyes

  6. Love them both! That scribbler tool is a time eater....but oh so fun!!!!

  7. Hi Eva, I love all the faces you are creating. I just caught up on your blog today, but sorry I didn't post on your most recent face. I just did a sketch in pencil of Spike Lee. or the likes of him, that is. I have been trying to sketch more. I hope all is well. I am not using Chrome, still Firefox. I don't know what version, as soon as you update something another thing comes out. I don't think that is the problem though as, when I posted the other day all was fine. Alas I may be ready for some more changes. Keep in touch. xo Theresa


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