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29 February 2012

29 Faces in February - Successfully Completed!

First, thank you very much to Ayala Art for the great 29 Faces in February challenge! It was definitely a challenge and a stretch but now 29 faces exist in my sketchbook that didn't before. It was very enjoyable, I tried a number of experiments and I think my face sketching ability has improved as a result. 

Thank you very much!

This is my last face, one of my faves and the final in my scientist series. 

Wernher von Braun by EVA

These scientists were inspired by this special issue of Discover magazine - interesting people and interesting faces. In addition to it acting as muse, I finally finished reading the issue! (A year old now...)

Here are 3 collages of my February efforts:

The Scientist Series

 Every Face

The non-scientists (or so I presume...)
(double-clicking should enlarge these...)

I haven't been able to visit everyone who participated every day (or even most days) due to time and frustration with word verification, but I will try to over the next few days. From what I did see there was AMAZING work done by this group! Wow!!


  1. Amazing one! And I love your collage! I hope I'll have the time for making one of my faces!! I've enjoyed very much visiting your blog. And I'll visit again, of course! :)

  2. Oh wow Eva... have loved looking through your wonderful faces for the challenge... they are all so lovely...

    Jenny x

  3. You've done a great job yourself Eva, with your wonderful faces. Love the collages! They look so great together! Thanks again for your kind comment!

    :-) Laura

  4. Congratulations! What a wonderful job you have done, and to create all 29 in February, that's a great achievement.

  5. Whoops! (hope this isn't a double post, but it looks like I lost my first comment)SO....I finally have time to browse all the wonderful faces! I like your scientists series and your Sharpie sketch. I also like the way you've presented them as collages. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I hope you won't be a stranger now that the challenge is over! :o)

  6. incredible work! congrats on finishing the challenge! i just completed mine - a few days late, but it feels so nice to have completed all 29 :)


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