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23 May 2010

Bird on a Wire

Serenading me as I weeded today was a very vocal bird - probably a mourning dove. He sat on the telephone wire high above me and cooed encouraging sounds as I worked.

Here is my meager attempt to capture him:

The bugs are starting to come out so time for me to relax and check out all of your work! Hope you had a great weekend - in Canada we have one more day to go  - Victoria Day. Yay for long weekends!


  1. Lucky YOU! one more day off...What a nice way to spend the day, by the sweet sounds of a beautiful dove. And you have nicely captured that. - Heather

  2. You have done a great job in capturing the likeness of the dove. They are very soothing to listen to, so nice of him to talk to you while you worked.

  3. This is cute and sweet. I love listening to the birds.... there are so many right now. Spring is well and alive and the sunlight stays so long with each day!

  4. very beautiful sketch!!! have a nice week!

  5. Very beautiful bird? Did it take you a long time with the detail of the feathers? :)

  6. Lovely sketch! Have a great week :)


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