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31 May 2010

Travelling Zen Doodles - On the Road with Pens

Well I kept at it. Can't say I believe these are my best little creations but little creations they are. 

I was away most of the week at a conference in Chicago. Very busy. Worked more at creating/building an increased knowledge base and friendships than artistic endeavours. I also created my own presentation and paper for the event which were well received. 

Monday: I tried using the pencil pastels but only had red and white. They didn't blend to pink as well as I had hoped.

Tuesday: My second favourite for the week.


Thursday: Tried gel pens. Yuck. Very messy, lots of smearing.

Friday: My favourite for the week.



So that was my week. I still have a little creation to show for each day. I'm now back. This should be a more normal week coming up and hopefully I will be more creative at least in terms of media. I was thinking I should sketch people when I was away but I (thought I) didn't have a pencil! (I'm not ready to sketch solely in pen yet - or maybe I am just being chicken). Just before landing at my home airport, I dropped the case for my headphones and out popped my pencil! Dang!

Hope you had a great one! As always I look forward to seeing your work!

How do you keep up your creative habit when you are travelling for business or pleasure?


  1. i love your doodles! they're so intricate...

  2. I love these. They are so playful and light.

  3. I actually like Sunday's best of all. It has a 3D quality that is very cool. I take my little journal everywhere I go and sketch or doodle whenever I can.

  4. oh wow, they are all very cool! I think they would make great pattern designs :)

  5. I love Tuesday's doodle! Well done on keeping creative even when away & busy.

    It's the school half term here & I'm finding it difficult to write or whole heartedly engage in creative projects. You've inspired me to keep at it.
    Kat :-)


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