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24 May 2010

Garden inspiration and Experimentation

This week many of my little creations were inspired by my garden. It is starting to bloom and while a source of frustration and hard work (with all the weeds that have overtaken it), it is also a source of inspiration. Last week ended with watercolour pencil and zen versions of a lilac, and this week started with a painted watercolour version of it. (My scanner dislikes purple - not sure why - so this is not the true shade.)



Wednesday: Today I tried to capture a lovely alpine poppy using my oil pastels.

Thursday: Same alpine poppy using pastel pencils. It always amazes me that two media called "pastels" can be so very different in consistency. I am liking these pencil pastels very much though I have very few colours.

Friday: Pastelled pepper plant... 

Saturday: I love these pink Sea Thrifts (Or Armeria Maritima), they are lovely in my rock gardens and borders! I think the pens captured their essence well. Note to self - plant more!

Sunday: My weeding companion!

That was my week! Hope yours was great! 

Next week will be crazy. I am off to a conference in Chicago and it promises to be very busy. I will take a tiny sketch pad but not my CED2010 book. I hope to keep this up but..... we'll see! 

Have a fun week everyone!


  1. Your flowers are all so beautiful! I've never tried pastel pencils before and they look good, think I need to take a little trip to the artshop!
    Have a lovely week :-)

  2. Your weeding companion is soooo cute. You're doing great with your art journaling. You inspire me to 'get on with it already'- sometimes I just waste too much time procrastinating.

    Kat :-)

  3. How are you Eva?
    You are so inspiring...journaling and drawing every day...I just can't seem to make myself do it...I have fun making the journal...then NOTHING.
    I think the garden journal is a great idea :)


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