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14 May 2010

Flowering Quince Art with Holly Herick's Beautiful Photo

Holly Herick, a fellow participant in IFJM, posted a gorgeous photo of a flowering quince bush last weekend and invited any and all to join her in creating a rendition of our own.

This means you too!

I have an apricot coloured quince bush/shrub that is not yet in bloom and have always admired it, so I immediately loved her image and decided to play along. Instead of watercolours, I chose oil pastels and did this in my CED 2010 book. (As always, double-clicking makes it SO much clearer!)

It isn't quite the right shades and I didn't do the dark background but I had to work with available supplies (and time). Here is her photo. Please make sure to go to her blog and see the other creations and (I hope) submit your own!


  1. This is really great! I'm impressed. What a pretty subject matter to!

    Great job - spring is here!


  2. This is REALLY great work, Eva! I always find flowers to be so difficult...mine always turn out just like the ones I drew in kindergarden :)
    I know, I know...practice...I might have to try it.

  3. Quince! I love Quince! This is really pretty! I spent the morning photographing new blooms and herbs in the garden! This is perfect for today! Very pretty.

  4. what a gorgeous flower! your art really honors its beauty.

  5. Absolutetly beautiful. I love how you capture the essence of the photograph at your own step and your own core. That is always heartfelt when one captures themselfs on canvas through the eye of the object. Great capture and I'm glad I have stopped by.
    Have a truly inspiring creative every day month. :)

  6. Lovely flower, you did the photo justice.

  7. I really love this! The shading and colors are so great!

  8. Oh my gosh. It's beautiful!! :) Great sketch. I'm so glad you could join us for another week. Looking forward to next week!

    Happy SS!


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