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10 May 2010

Travelling and Zen Doodling

As explained in my very late posting for last week, this week was chaos. I was away for most of it and not really in a creative frame of mind. Regardless I did at least a very little creation each day.


Tuesday: ( I had been watching Dexter on the plane to distract myself...)



Friday: (After Saskatoon, I was in Texas on a previously scheduled business trip...)

Saturday: Back home and this was part of my daughter's birthday celebration... Yummy!

Sunday: Mother's Day rose that I was given. I tried to capture its shades using new pens I'd bought.

That was my week. I'm still not quite my self but I am back to working in my CED2010 book and not in a small sketchpad. I loved the experiment with doing the same image in a variety of manners as I did with my Magnolia until I got that bad news. Should I try again? I don't know yet. I will but am uncertain if it will be this week.

Well, I hope everything is great with all of you and I look forward to seeing all your creations!


  1. It is fun to see your week of sketches, they are each wonderful in their own way. I hope this week is better for you~

  2. It's so fun to see how creative you can be even when you aren't in the mood. I continue to love the crispness and designs of your zen doodles. I've tried a few and I find them very absorbing and relaxing. Great job on the rose too!


  3. Oh Eva. I am so sorry.
    Somehow life goes on...in your wonderful sketches...life goes on.
    Art heals.

  4. Thanks so much Lisa! Yes, I have heard that art heals but I have never tried it as a tool before. Have you?

    The doodles really did help, especially on the plane to Saskatoon. I think I may do one now. It was way harder to go back to work than I thought it would be. My out-of-town meetings were much easier.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Love your doodles...very cool! I think doodling helps when life gets a bit chaotic :) Thanks for visiting my blog as well, I really appreciate it. Will be adding more bookbinding, journaling-making too!


Looking forward to hearing from you!