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17 May 2010

Intuition on Wednesday and Other Flowery Creations

This week was a challenge. Much harder to get back to "normal" than I expected. But the one thing I did do was my little creations. And on Wednesday I tried to follow the CED2010 theme for May and just ask my intuition what to do. I'm rather surprised what it did. Not sure what it means....

Here is my week, I am forward to seeing yours!


Tuesday: I tried some pastel pencils vs my oil pastels today. Interesting effects! Especially the way they can mix and smear together. I liked it.

Wednesday: I asked my intuition what to do and these are the prompts I got. Draw a hand. Add eyes on the finger tips. Palm lines as vines. Hmm - needs something else. A turtle here. A bird there. A snowflake on that finger. 

Is there meaning here? I don't know!

Thursday: Trying those pastel pencils again...

Friday: I did this using oil pastels based on a photo from Holly Herick for a little challenge she was hosting.

Saturday: A little sprig of lilac - zen doodled. Not sure why the scanner doesn't make purple its true shade.

Sunday: Another small lilac spring done with watercolour pencils - before and after water was added.

This week I also started a journal for everyday use and drew, painted and wrote all week. I may post some of it but I haven't yet decided. I learned a hard lesson though. I am using both sides of each page (unlike my CED2010 book where I only use one side) and I used sharpie markers on one. Big mistake!! It pretty much wrecked the image on the previous page. Unfortunately that was my favourite so far. Well I won't do THAT again!

How was your week?

I'm looking forward to see what your efforts brought into this world!


  1. I love seeing how your week progressed and how seemingly "different" formats and styles do connect together. I am loving your hand and am thinking you need to doodle/write more on what each of those symbols might mean to you ... especially as each finger relates to the different elements and energy.

  2. I love the variety here. as you know I am particularly fond of your zen doodles so it's fun to see them applied in different ways.

    You are so adventuress in your mediums! I need to be moreso.


  3. Thanks so much!

    Lis - I do wonder what they mean. I have been thinking about that. Maybe the turtle, especially its shell, is because I am feeling vulnerable at the moment (A pathetic blithering crying idiot at time. With reason.) And I sometimes want to crawl into my protective shell and hide. I wasn't thinking that when I drew it though! The rest is yet to be interpreted...

    Julia - I love how you spelled adventurous - adventuress!! A Freudian slip or deliberate? Either way delightful! Since I really don't know what I'm doing or where I am going with these creations (it is still "to be determined"!), I figure I might as well experiment!

    Thank you!


Looking forward to hearing from you!