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08 May 2010

Magnolias - Most of the Week

When I posted my CED2010 update last week, my intention was to experiment with a variety of media using my saucer magnolia tree that was in bloom as a "model" And that is the way the week mostly happened.

Monday: I did the first image using watercolour pencils but didn't add any water until the second scanned image.

Tuesday: This version was made using my fat pastels.

Wednesday: A pen zen doodle version...

Thursday: Since joining CED2010, I have started to follow some amazingly talented artists. One is Hybrid J who does amazing pen and ink dot drawings of mischievous starfish (among other things). I was thinking of her style when I tried this one.

Friday: In creating my FAKE journal in April, I did most of the entries using some cheap watercolours, so this version was done using those. I wish I could draw flowing lines better freehand! (Note-to-self: Practice would help!)

Saturday: A zen blossom...

Saturday my world turned unexpectedly upsidedown. I got a morning phone call that my sister had died at 5am in Saskatoon (about 2000 miles away in the middle of the Canadian Prairies). She has been in the hospital for @10 months because of complications of diabetes (Type 1) and we always knew this might happen as she was so frail. But it was a shock because only a few days before she had been very cheerful and chatty on the phone. She was only 50. After telling my Dad he and I hopped on a plane and my magnolia theme ended. I didn't take my CED 2010 (Book 2) with me but just took some pens and a small sketch pad. So this and Sunday's little creations were done on that. I wasn't feeling terribly creative after that call but I did finish up the week.


Hope your week ended better than mine. I want eventually to get caught up looking at all you your great work but it might take me awhile...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of the sudden loss of your sister. Even though you know the end is inevitable,
    it never easy saying good-bye. I hope your art helps you to heal.

  2. Oh, Eva. I am so sorry to read of this news. Wow. I am speechless. I was transfixed at the beautiful magnolias and all the fun versions and then, it was as if your surprise echoed through me.

    So very sorry.

    Oh, so sorry.

  3. Thank you so much Julie. It echoes still. Wasn't sure whether to write about this but my gut said it was better to write than not to.

  4. Oh, you're making me blush. Thanks for mentioning of my starfish drawings. And I love the various versions of the magnolia trees. You're do so well in your pursuit of art. I really admire your effort. :)


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