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13 September 2010

Caught up on CED2010 posting!

Back from vacation and finally caught up on my CED2010 posting! Both last week and this week are about 10 days worth of efforts instead of the normal "weekly" check-in. While I was away I used only pen and pencil but once back I've added colour. (I missed colour! Note to Self:  Bring my watercolour crayons when I travel!)


Friday: More face sketching from magazines. Can you guess who he and the the next one are?


Sunday: Flying home...

Monday: The leaves have started to turn already!  Seems like everything is early this year.

Tuesday: Thinking about the CED2010 September theme of WATER and inspired by all of you mermaid lovers! My first mermaid! A mini mermaid with a starfish - or - is it a giant starfish with a mermaid?

Wednesday: My talented friend Lisa at Priti Studios posted a photo of herself and I decided to try to draw her!

Thursday: Back to zen doodling.... I'm liking this one very much!

Friday: Was going to zen doodle but I wanted (needed) colour so I decided to colour in sections with my Carte D'Ache watercolour crayons. Fun!

Saturday: Continuing with my idea from yesterday but with the CED2010 theme of WATER and Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge of SIMPLICITY in mind.

Sunday: A sketch still with the WATER theme and Blue Chair Diary's Sunday Sketches in mind. 

Looking forward to seeing your efforts for this week! Hope you have a great one ahead!


  1. You have been busy! I like your mermaids but my favorite is your moon zendoodle. Have a lovely creative week!

  2. Your sketches are great. I seem unable to draw people & so have great admiration for anyone who can!:-)I really like Saturday - simple & yet evocative. And Thursdays doodle is lovely.

    Well done on keeping so creative & thanks for sharing with us.


  3. wow! a very prolific week for you!!!
    They are all great but the first one is soooooo cute!!!
    And the zen doodles are my favorite because I am so into them at this time :-)

    [is Gandhi one of your drawing? I really like it -even if it's someone else :-)]

  4. I love that moon!

    My guesses...I was thinking Kate Hudson, and the man has me stumped...Al Rocher? Without the dark skin??? I dunno...I told you before I GOTTA watch more TV. Or read more mags. I am so far outta the link...pooh.

    Love to you, Girlfriend xox

  5. @ Marina Thanks! You are close! Not Gandhi but I think of them in a similar way. Very close!

    @priti.lisa Good guesses! Not sure who Al Rocher is though...? Actually, Kate Hudson was in that first group of Face sketches - 21Aug2010! I don't think either my drawing or the photo looked much like her though. This "girl" is older than Kate and in music not TV. (I don't watch much TV either so I'm there with you!! And if my daughter didn't buy Vanity Fair, I'd have no "inspiration" to work from!)
    We must conspire about The Sketchbook, Lisa! xoxo

  6. Hi Eva, Your wonderful doodles and drawings show me that you have a ton of creativity! Keep up the drawing and doodling! Cool!

  7. It is wonderful to see all your sketches. I love doing art when I travel also~
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my owl woman~

  8. Wow, you were busy. Thanks for sharing all of your sketches, it was a fun week to peek at.

  9. That's great that you kept up creating even when on vacation. My favorites are the ones you did on Friday and Saturday. Keep it up!


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