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27 September 2010

Water, Autumn and Miscellaneous Doodling

What a busy week! Filled with projects, I also kept up with my daily CED2010 entries. I tried to keep the theme of water on my mind and was successful a few days but Fall kept creeping in. I completed my first big painting, gave it to friends as a gift and they have it at the frame shop now!

I worked on the Sketchbook Project, did a Full Moon Dreamboard and started on an art journal page. I didn't get too much down though. Maybe this week. 

Most importantly for CED2010, I finished my third book of daily creations!! And started my fourth book! I'd hope to find another nice blank book with a cool arty cover but no luck, so I bought another copy of the one I just finished.

It's kind of neat to hand someone a book (3 books) when they ask "What have you been up to lately"!







Saturday: I've been thinking about buying or making a fall wreath. Which do you do?


I hope you had a great week and have a wonderfully creative week ahead! I look forward to seeing your check-in on CED2010. I am really thankful to Leah for those weekly check-ins as they have been wonderful motivation to actually get things done and posted! Thanks Leah!


  1. Hi Eva, Congratulations to you for working every day! And, for completing you're painting. The cool browns and blues give me a quiet, twilight feel; wonderful! I do have to say I have a fondness for your pumpkin doodle and Wednesday's drawing; she looks festive with the leaves!

  2. Hi Eva, you have been busy! I really like the mood and feeling of your painting, wonderful!


Looking forward to hearing from you!