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11 September 2010

Inspiration Avenue - Simplicity

Usually when I make a circle it is the start of a zen doodle.... and I started with a circle. Such a simple pure form, a circle. After the circle forms, complexity usually enters but I told myself - NO. Do something for the "simplicity" theme challenge at Inspiration Avenue. So instead of a lot of pen work, only a few more lines emerged and then I played with my crayons. Those fun Caran d'Ache ones! So here is my simple image!

Earlier this week, I also did a simple sketch of our friend Lisa at Priti Studios. Let me know if you think it looks like her! 


  1. Yes it does look like her! Her pumpkin girl is gorgeous, lucky you!
    Now onto this simple sketch - just perfect in its simplicity!!

  2. This is just wonderful! I'm always amazed, when an artist minimizes strokes, materials, colors, etc., at how much is conveyed. This pieces captures my imagination ... I could look at it for hours.!

  3. Simplicity is a challenge for me too! but this turned out so great!


  4. I struggled with this challenge, but YOU have nailed it. The simplest of lines and shapes formed a magnificent work of art. Lovely entry.

  5. I like it! Simple,colorful and tells a story in just a few lines.

  6. I think you smashed it!! Clever and simple!

  7. I think you managed the true Zen vibe, Eva!
    You caught a feeling...and that is what the great artists do, right? It shows a pureness of spirit. BANG!
    I am super clever with my avoidance tactics too!
    My house is getting cleaner and cleaner, LOL

  8. Lovely piece and I love your blog header!!

  9. that pumpkin girl ROCKS! And blues in the circle go along nicely with the simplicity theme-CONGRATS TO YOU!


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