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22 September 2010

Scaling Up!

When I started CED2010, I made the decision to start small and use a blank book for my daily creations. That way it would be easy to track my creations every day. I am 265/265 with 100 days left in the year and 3 books filled. I cheated a bit, especially when travelling and a few creations were done a day or so later and another few earlier but in every week of posting, all posted were done in that 7 day period. And this has been good for me. The weekly check-ins have provided superb accountability and since I always wanted to have some thing to share, I stuck to the "plan".

But I started to get cravings for something bigger, something that couldn't be created in just one day. I felt I wanted to paint. Why? I have no clue but there it was .... the urge to create. I ignored it. And ignored it. Then two things happened. One day I came across a post by Nolwenn on "101 in 1001". I guess I've seen these around the blogosphere before but never paid much attention. So I decided to do a list (which I will share soon) and painting was on it. The other factor was that close friends recently renovated their bathroom and were lamenting that they had no artwork for the room. To my surprise, I heard myself offer to paint a picture for them! Yikes!

Do you ever have those moments when you commit yourself and then wonder how you'll accomplish what you said you'd do? A recurring theme for me! So after fretting and carefully looking at some of your artwork for ideas, inspiration and methodology*, I decided to try to keep it simple and do an abstract landscape using all the colours in the new bathroom (plus some).

Here is my finished painting:

Close-up of the upper half:

Close-up of the lower half:

Leaning on my living room mantle:

I am very happy to say that they love it! It looks great, the colours are perfect and they are taking it to the framers tomorrow!!! It is 20x24 - much larger than the pages of my books! I think I might experiment on a smaller canvas next time! 

I think I will finish the year off in my books, (starting the 4th book in 2 days!) and keep up the creativitiy next year on bigger projects.

* Thanks to many CED participants for their inspiration including Shayla for ideas on trees and using texture and Marie for her skies and step-by-step process (though my sky looks nothing like hers!)


  1. What a fantastic final piece, Eva! NICE job. :)

  2. Hi Eva
    Yes, I often commit to things which I have no idea how to carry out :( but somehow it works out in the end... We all love a challenge. In your case, a very nice painting... I love the texture of the hills. What lucky friends you have.

    I love your commitment. I have recently been sketching everyday (I must keep it up) and have been uploading my work on my blog more than before. It's great, not only because I am improving with practise but the feedback and encouragement from the blogging community is invaluable.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I realise what might just go thru people's mind with a title like "kangaroo paw"... :)

    Great to have "met" you, Evelyn

  3. this is wonderfully soothing and peaceful to look at. It looks as though your committing to uncertain things turns into a muse for you!

  4. Yow-zah! Wow! I am lifting my glass to you, Eva! It's a wonderful painting and a generous gift...a piece of you. I love this new under-taking and look forward to seein you grow.

    Btw...I loved this line:
    Do you ever have those moments when you commit yourself and then wonder how you'll accomplish what you said you'd do?

    Amen, sistah! All of the time. In fact, I guess i do it on purpose...

  5. Eva - what a beautiful painting... and a lovely gift. And congrats on keeping up on CED - WOW that is a challenge.

  6. There's something very compelling about this painting. Well done! nancy

  7. Eva, this is lovely! Your friends must be delighted with it. Yes, I too set myself challenges I'm not sure I know how to complete - but that's part of the fun, isn't it! Those things do get done, it's just that they take me much longer while I mull over various methods and how equally afraid all of them I am!


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