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09 September 2010

Wow! I won something!!!

I'm so thrilled! It is not often I am lucky and win something. (Though I do often find 4 leaf clovers!) Yesterday I was lucky and I am one of the grateful winners of Lisa at Priti Studio's pumpkin print!!

Isn't it adorable!! Isn't Lisa ever so talented!

As I was reading her post and writing her a little comment, I had my CED2010 book open to that "blank page", wondering what to create today? Since I have been trying to draw faces lately and her photo in that post was smiling away at me, I decided to draw priti/pretty Lisa!  Sorry Lisa that it is so amateurish!

Thank you again for your beautiful creation! I hope everyone will check out Lisa's blog and see her amazing creativity!

(Now to face that blank page and figure out what to do tonight! )


  1. Congratulations! It's so fun to win things and this drawing is great and happens to sport one of my favorite quotes from HDT.

    I think you did a great job on her drawing!


  2. Hi Eva, Fun! I like the expression of your priti face; it says "happiness" to me. Congrats! Cool print and quote!

  3. I think it looks great! Faces are hard to do, but sometimes people inspire us.
    Congrats on winning.

  4. Eva!!!
    I am so flattered. This is the first time any one has ever drawn me! In 46 years!
    She looks so priti :)
    Do you mind if I print her out for myself?
    Thank you also for the plug :)
    I mailed the punkin out today, hope your daughter likes her.
    I have been working like a mad woman...but I HAVE to get started on my sketchbook!
    Did you begin?
    Love to you

  5. @priti.lisa
    Of course you can print it out Lisa!!

    I have not yet started on the sketchbook. (Feeling panicky thinking about it but I know that will pass once I start!) Thought I might today but I cleaned the garage instead. (Bizarre avoidance strategy???)

    Big hug!!


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