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19 September 2010

Sunday Sketching - Starting the Sketchbook Project

With a little friendly arm twisting from Lisa of Priti Studios, I signed up to do The Sketchbook Project. I chose the "random" theme, or in other words, I let them choose. My theme is "I'm sorry I forgot you". I'm also interpreting it as "I'm sorry, I forgot you ....". And finishing the sentence off. And that is how I started. (Not on the first page as I wanted to work up to something brilliant - ha! Well, we'll see if that happens but sure enough I screwed up this first drawing. And the only part in ink so it wasn't easy to correct. I forgot the first word of my theme! Talk about needing to warm up!! Okay enough babbling, on to the sketch!)

As always with my scanner, it is a little faint to see. Double clicking does make it clearer! 

Have all you Sunday Sketchers joined the SBP (my very obvious acronym/abbreviation)? Are you loving or hating your themes? What is your theme? A full journal on one subject may be a challenge indeed! 

Looking forward to seeing your efforts!



  1. I LOVE this! We both used only one color, that is funny :/
    I don't think I used my theme at all! I can't seem to understand "sleepless"
    I pray the SBP police won't come-a-knockin.
    If they do, I think I can talk my way out of it :)

    Hey! Who doesn't like peas? I LOVE peas! And babies. And I guess I would love babies who didn't love peas, tho that might be hard :D

    When's are next page due, slave-driver?


  2. oh this is tooo cute and tooo funny. love that. I haven't joined the SBP yet, I am too nervous. ha ha ha. You can definitely have some fun with your theme - can't wait to see more
    enjoy your sunday!

  3. Hi, that is the cutest and funny too. I am part of the sketchbook project I chose "In 5 Minutes" for my theme. It is proving to be harder than I thought to come up with ideas. Have you checked out the blog Sophia started for the participants, Doodleheads? Info is on her blog.

  4. This is so cute and adorable! Love it. :)

    My theme is "down the street". I thought it would be easy, but I'm finding it a bit difficult. I think part of it is that I am still intimidated by just being free on my pages with my pencil!! :)

  5. Oops! I think peas were invented especially for babies don't you? I'm finding my 'storytelling' theme impossible - or is it just that blank book scaring me?


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