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23 September 2010

Full Harvest Moon Dreaming

A beautiful full moon to dream by tonight! And time to participate in Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards.

I started by printing off photos of the painting I just did and then added images. I still need better magazines I think but I found a few images that talked to me...

Upper Half (scanned)

Lower Half  (scanned)

I know I want to paint and write more, get fitter and de-clutter. Maybe relish the last fews days of a hoped for Indian Summer?

Hope this Harvest Moon makes your dreams come true!


  1. I can relate to all your dreams!
    May your dreamboard help make all your dreams come true this month!

  2. Painting and now collaging! I love collage! Cuttin and glueing...then picking dryed glue off your fingers...so fun!
    I never made a dreamboard, but the always sounded like a good idea...I think I'll just look at yours...those are some very good dreams.


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