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11 November 2010

AEDM Day 11

Variations on a theme. Yesterday day I did a tree with falling leaves in a pen pointillism style. Today here is roughly the same image in a zen doodling style.

Now to decide if I want to try yet another style with this image/theme or move on to something else? What an amazing gang of artists that are participating in AEDM at Creative Every Day! Wish I had the time to look at everyone's efforts but it is totally overwhelming. I kept up when the check-ins were weekly but unfortunately this is too much for me. Sampling it will be...


  1. Lovely, lovely. This so captures fall. And I agree, there are so many amazing artists to check out.

  2. Just realized that you're a fellow Canadian! Hiya!

    When I first got going on AEDM i was a few days behind and I almost didn't do it because I was so intimidated by the amazing work that was being posted. Truth is though, it's been such a great inspiration and motivation. I still don't call myself an artist since I'm just starting to play with this sort of thing, but it's been such a great experience so far.

    Your tree makes me wish that Fall lasted more than a couple of days around here, the colours are so lovely and the crisp air. Hmmm.

  3. Hi Eva, I always like seeing your different variations on a theme. This tree really says Autumn, very pretty.

  4. I like seeing your variations! I do know what you mean about sampling. That's all we can do. But it's fun to sample. :-)

  5. Eva...keep going! You can't go wrong with trees and I have a feeling each one will be a bit better than the last...the fun thing about trees is...they are always changing...
    And the best part is
    they are mirroring themselves under ground.

    Just an idea sparkle :)

    PS: I used my watercolor crayons...Hmmm...
    blech, practice I guess

  6. Hi there! Finally made it to your blog! You're right it's hard to visit everyone but very fun all the same :) I LOVE love LOVE your armadillo :) I recently did a painting incorporating a chameleon but you have inspired me... :)
    I love your trees too! Great idea trying out different techniques. I shall be back to see some more :)


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