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07 November 2010

Sunday Sketching 07Nov2010 SBP Walking and Remembering

Back from my business trips and trying to get caught up, get back sketching and back to seeing what y'all (my last stop was Texas) have been up to! My sketches today are more work on my SBP "I'm sorry I forgot you" theme. 

Now back to laundry and seeing your work!


  1. You are doing a rocking job, Eva. Keep it up. Love the doggy. :)

  2. I am so behind!!! AAARRRGGG!!!
    The header picture is just great!
    And I think my favorite from the week is the armadillo...so good :)
    Hopefully I will have 2 pages to post tomorrow,
    your zen doodles are a real inspiration.

  3. haha. love the second one...have a few HS people that found me on facebook and i cn concur...smiles. feel sorry for the pup though...

  4. Love the doggy pic Eva, and I for one have no trouble forgetting those high school years - smiled at that one!

    Hope all is well with you after your trip!


  5. LOVE the high school diary...yes, sometimes I am glad I forgot them....ha ha ha. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Texas! My dog always wants to go for a walk....such a sweet little sketch! xxoo

  6. Aw just look at that poor doggy - makes me want to rush over and take him out for bound around in the autumn leaves!

  7. I like the high school diary, that poor doggy, cute. I found you by way of Sunday sketches (it's my first time participating), but I also see your're doing AEDM, which I'm also doing!

  8. welcome back,
    lovely to see your sketches.

  9. you're so creative in your ideas for the SBP and these are both good sketches!

  10. Very unique work! The poor dog needs a hug!

  11. You are unbelievable! How do you keep coming up with these great ideas?!? I love the "or upon rereading maybe I'm not"... fantastic :)


  12. You just keep on filling ht pages! Today wish I was you :-) I have a lot pf pages to go!


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