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12 November 2010

AEDM Day 12

Continuing my tree theme using different styles or media. Today I tried my oil pastels, after yesterday's zen doodle, and Wednesday's pen pointillism. I really like pastels except for 2 things: the messiness and that crisp lines are a major challenge. Still the effect has a certain charm and it was fun to do.

I'll be trying to sample more of all the artists participating in AEDM this weekend. Lots of great discoveries!


  1. looks great! i have never tried oil pastels, would love to though. this is how most of the trees look in my area now, half of the leaves have fallen...it's the constant noise of leaf blowers! ha ha ha...i like the black trunk of the tree, too - xxoo

  2. Hi Eva, love these trees, so cool to see them in different ways. I really loved your Zen doodle one and this one is gorgeous. I've always struggled with oil pastels because like you said the messiness and it's hard to get crisp lines. But I think you managed to work with them really well and this is a lovely piece well done!

  3. yes, crisp lines sure are hard with oil pastels. but the tree looks great! :-)


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