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29 November 2010

AEDM Day 29

Today I thought I'd do another silly  girl with a funny hat and then finish up my "Variations on a Tree" theme tomorrow with the final version and a collage of all the trees together. It seems like a fitting end to finish up the formal AEDM. I'll still be continuing to create every day in 2010 though I am looking forward to checking-in weekly instead of daily!. I'm almost finished Book 4 and will start Book 5 soon. I'm still amazed at myself that I've made it this far!

Are you continuing in December?


  1. Eva, I've enjoyed your doodles and sketches. Looking forward to keeping up with you in December.

  2. Super cute hat. :-)

    So glad you'll be continuing on in December!

  3. Yay! My favorite - a girl with a funny hat... I so love these :)

    I can't wait until tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to that collage!


  4. Hi Eva, I like your festive girls with stunning and funny hats! Most creative! And, congrats for continuing on.

  5. I like the girl in the funny hat - great fun!

    Yes I intend to continue, especially if inspiring people like yourself will continue to join me on the journey.

    I'm looking forward to your tree collage!!

    Kat X

  6. I've also continuing in December - excited to have a lot of time in the studio these next two weeks!


Looking forward to hearing from you!