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22 November 2010

AEDM Day 22

This year I have done a number of zen doodles which start as circles. Are these zen mandalas? Or something else? I don't know as really it's just me playing around. Yesterday I thought I'd do another version of "the tree" using that type of zen doodle but I got distracted with a crayoned landscape (that I'm quite taken with and may turn into a new header...). So here today is what I meant to do then.

It's Monday and back to work, so it will be harder to check in on everyone's AEDM activity... but I will try to sample as I can!


  1. I love this, it works really well in the circle layout. It helps give the tree the sense of movement up from the ground and out. It does have that Mandala feel to it, too.

  2. Whatever you call it, I love it! Such a fun interpretation of your tree. You do variations on a theme very, very well!

    You have been busy! (I know I say it every Sunday, but how in the world are you coming up with all of those quality sketchbook project ideas?!?)


  3. ohhhh lovely!!! Really like this tree design, so great to see it in different way. I like the movement in this one too :0)

  4. i agree with Krisin. I love it! it's my favorite of your trees so far. Just great design all around. i really do like the leaves, here, too how they are under the tree....xx

  5. Whatever they are called I love your circle doodles! This one is yet another fabulous effective result. I like the leaves on the ground, the fascinating tree shape & pattern background. LOL - that's all of it I like then :-)

    Kat X


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