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19 November 2010

AEDM Day 19

I thought I was going to work on something entirely different today but my subconscious kept saying - "do the tree at night". And I have tube watercolours I haven't tried yet so I listened and these formed today's little creation.

Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to catch up with what all the AEDM participants are doing this weekend rather than the intermittent sampling I've only had time for during the week. 

P.S. Is it too many trees yet?


  1. I like all the different versions of this tree that you've been doing lately. It's turning into a nice little series. I have been thinking of reworking some paintings myself.

  2. Personaly, I can never paint or see enough trees!

  3. I am a big fan of variations on a theme. I think each one teaches something new. Lovely

  4. Well there's nothing wrong with keeping to a theme and exploring all its creative possibilities, which is just what you've been doing. I think my favourite is the collaged tree. I'm also rather taken with the grey leg and paw peeking onto your landscape further down the page. You'll be giving my two ideas!!

  5. You know, I don't mind all the trees, in fact I love coming here to see what you've done each time.

  6. So, how did you like working the "negative", having a dark ground and light subject? It's fun watching you explore this series of trees; bravo!

  7. I love trees! I have been losing trees, so it makes me feel better to come and see yours. Hmmm Maybe I should make some trees too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I don't think it's too many trees, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of different ways you can paint trees, although you may not want to explore them that much, lol!
    loved the collage one you did, very striking!
    This art every day challenge sounds wonderful!

    thanks for dropping by my blog!

  9. I'm lovin' the trees and I say as long as you think of ways to create them - go for it... It's a wonderful series and I am so looking forward to seeing them all together!



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