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25 November 2010

AEDM Day 25 "Ingenuity"

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends and readers. I hope you have a wonderful day and create fabulous meals for your family and friends! Thank you all for visiting out my little blog and for your friendship and encouragement since I started this!

I have been thinking about Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge of "Ingenuity" since it was announced and also thinking I want to sketch more faces. Then an "Aha" moment! Why don't I sketch the person who most personifies ingenuity to me? Thus my (very amateur) sketch of Thomas Edison with his light bulb...

I have also been thinking about a piece by one of my favourite (living) artists - Marcus Pierson's "The Dreamer" and thought I'd share it with you...

Marcus’s words found on the painting read: “I knew they were laughing. I knew they thought it wouldn’t work. No matter. For by simply daring to make it I had cast myself from their lot. I was a dreamer.”


  1. we dreamers have to keep dreaming, whether the masses join in or not ! ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. Tom and Marc count! I love Marcus' point of view.

  3. OH very cool Eva! I like the dreamer AND I like your drawing of Edison very much; wonderful work. It fits the them of "inspiration" to a "tee"!

  4. :) Love those words of Marcus's painting. Have a happy weekend, Ev

  5. Nothing amateur about that sketch - its very good!

    I like 'the dreamer' especially as it relates to my own entry (over on my blog couple of days ago) which was ' my head is a dream machine' :-)

    Kat X

  6. What a great pairing because without dreaming and trying (risk taking) progress cannot be made.

  7. I am impressed by your drawing and how you used it to personify the Ingenious theme. And I felt the dreamer will always be ingenious, no matter how the wheel rolls. Great take on this theme.

  8. Very nice drawing. And without dreaming how would there be change and growth. I love your concepts with this entry.

  9. Cheers to the dreamers! You are really good at drawing people that look like themselves...all my faces look the same!
    I better quit dreaming and get cracking on my book,
    these brilliant ideas in my head can wait!


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