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28 November 2010

Sunday Sketching 21Nov2010 SBP Jellyfish, People, Ideas, the Pot and the Empty Roll

I am getting a little fretful about The Sketchbook Project and have decided that if I want to
a) finish on time
b) get all my Christmas preparations done
c) enjoy a relaxing Christmas
I have to ramp up speed and progress. And for me, accountability helps. I know Sophia didn't create Sunday Sketching check-ins exactly for this purpose. I think she also wanted to encourage sketching actually on Sundays (I think). But it is such a wonderful group that I hope you don't mind if I report my progress here. Somehow knowing that I am showing it, seems to get it actually done. Two of these were done today and the others were created earlier in the week. 

How many of you are (still) working on the SBP? How many pages left? (Are you panicking yet?) Do accountability and check-ins help you?

I may need help with my challenging theme. So far ideas are still forming but I have 19 spreads, 2 half pages and the cover yet to do! So any ideas for "I'm sorry I forgot you" that you'd like to see me try to do? (I've eliminated a bunch of my ideas since they need to be doable by me, not repetitive and not too negative ideally.) I've thought up lots of depressing ideas but I'd rather go with silliness or humour. Thanks for any and all comments!


Thanks to Pavinee @ Have a Merry Day who inadvertently inspired this one (double clicking helps the pencil show up better)

Earlier in the week:

Looking forward to seeing all your Sunday Sketches!!


  1. Hey you are ahead of us!! love all the colour! Sorry i forgot about you - my mother in law left the dog leached to a post at the super market and was home with all 3 kids in tow before she realized! Feeding the fish - my kids forget 5 times out of 10 :-) That favorite art item in your stash! The artwork / writing you started and never finished. Forgetting its half day so you don't pick the kids up till half past noon at school! :-)

  2. I'm glad you went with the humor! These are great!

  3. Hello and happy sunday,
    Oh these are ideas are too funny. I love the lightbulbs and forgetting about the great ideas, i do that all of the time, then i think, oooh, i forgot a pencil to write them down with too.
    Well, i am always forgetting grocery list, did you do that one?
    How about forgetting a friends bday? i've done that, too!
    i think you are progressing along just fine! i give you tons of credit for doing the SBP!

  4. i really like the stuff boiling out...it has good texture to it...and that lost one of the poeple...very cool!

  5. It looks like you are coming up with a lot of great ideas, and the drawing as are wonderful! :) I wish I had an idea to add, I will have to think it over. Have a great Sunday! :) ~Lauren

  6. I'm officially in a panic. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it. I just seem to have some sort of block going on which is really silly. I must say though that I hate the paper in that sketchbook, it puts me off doing anything (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!). I guess I could paint on other paper and then stick it in... We'll see.

    You're doing really well with yours - I have faith that you'll finish!

  7. I absolutely love the colors in first and the last one. The in betweens arnt bad either

  8. beautiful art!!! i love the colors you chose!!!

  9. Wonderful pages. Just had to laugh about the pot boiling over and the toilet paper roll, thanks I needed the lightheartedness of those today.

  10. It is fun to see how different each piece is. I love all the colors in the last piece.

  11. You're definitely keeping yourself busy! And I am so with you!! I am MUCH further behind in my book than you. hahahaha Oh dear. Wonder if I can get it done in time? I spent all of that money and what am I doing?!?!?! :D

  12. I love the pot, and the toilet paper roll cracked me up. : )

  13. I love seeing your progress (you are waaaaay ahead of me! hee hee)

    The toilet paper roll is fantastic - I love your humor!


    p.s. You were an inspiration to me and I mentioned you on my blog today :)

  14. I am sorry, I forgot to work on my SBP this week, lol
    That toilet paper roll is Brilliant!!! And the light bulb...just last night I was changing the bulb on the ceiling...so much easier in the daylight :)
    I forget damn near everything...
    How about forgetting they said it would rain, with a picyure of laundry hanging out?
    And why can't I remember how old I am? I always say nearly 50. And why do they feel the need to ask me?
    I also forgot to send a thankyou card until it was almost too embarrassing.

  15. great pages and wonderful pops of colour!!!

  16. Hi Eva, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I've just had a look at your work and LOVE your circular doodles. I enjoyed the humour in your above pieces too. :o)

  17. I'm so glad that my sketch inspires you :-)

    I have about half of the sketchbook to go. I don't really think about my theme much, that's why I chose 'A day in the life' in the first place. It sounded pretty neutral to me.

    As for your theme, last night I looked at all my books I bought but not finished yet and then I thought about the latest amazon's order I just placed. I am so excited with the coming books and feel sorry for the unfinished books.

    Does this fall in your theme? Just an idea :-)

    I think I'm going to try Sunday Sketch too :-)

  18. I'm going to try this post again! It got lost??
    I love your sense of humor! These are great Ideas!

  19. Oooh, the last one is beautiful. I love the colors and your theme. Keep up the work!!

  20. I loved the jellyfish sketches! Here's mine http://thelunaticsdiary.blogspot.com/2010/11/heavenly-spectre.html

  21. I love that you are tackling it - as a professional procrastinator I admire your determination! Just do it! Great stuff.
    cheers, dana


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