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13 November 2010

AEDM Day 13

Today I am finishing up my "variations of a tree" theme with a charcoal version. These have been a great way to come up with ideas for AEDM - the same image using different media. I could probably stretch it with painting or collage but I'm not sure if I will. Should I?

Here (again) are all the other styles/media versions to compare. It's kind of fun to experiment this way. Charcoals and pastels are so messy but I do like the effect at times.

Pen Pointillism Style

 Zen Doodle style

Oil Pastels

Now that it is the weekend, I will try to visit more of the artists participating in AEDM. There are so many that it adds a second challenge to the AEDM challenge, or maybe a third as I find posting every day versus a weekly check-in to be a huge challenge!! Meanwhile my other big challenge for the weekend is cleaning closets! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I like your charcoal version, it has a nice Wintery feeling to it.

  2. Lovely charcoal tree! Nice seeing them all together too! Happy closet cleaning..... :)

  3. Nice to see all of your trees together like this. They're lovely.

  4. Cool wood, with so many different versions of the tree. :)

  5. It is so great to see them all together - what a fantastic series!

    (When you finish your closets you are more than welcome to come over and do mine :) hee hee)


  6. love all the different takes on your tree and I encourage you to try it in colage. I've done a few 3 dimensional collages with trees and it is so much fun!

  7. oh - I love seeing them all together - great work

  8. I say go for it, you've gone this far with the same image why not see what else you can create with it? This charcoal version is my fav so far though. Great feel to it.

    I think you asked me on my blog where I was from. Alberta. Not close, but still, in the same country at least!

  9. The zen doodle one is my favorite. Hope your closet-cleaning is going well!


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