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08 November 2010

AEDM Day 8

What to do each day? This month seems harder than most to come up with ideas! (I guess after 300+ days of creating every day, that's no surprise but...) 

I think I will play around with media this week. After only having pens and pencil while travelling last week, it might be fun to play with my other tools(toys).

Today is crayons.I thought this would be a brilliantly coloured butterfly but instead a moth emerged!

Oops, I guess I sketched too close to the inside/gutter of my CED2010 book!


  1. Long time since I used crayons, hmmm...I always loved those guys. And I just unearthed my watercolor crayons...never used them...quicker than watching paint dry.
    I love your header :)

  2. wow - this is a great illo - I really like the style. Come and play at Whimsical Wednesday. More here: http://quotidianjournal.blogspot.com/p/whimsical-wednesday.html

  3. This IS beautiful. I think it's great to see you using crayons....good idea. They really worked well here...you've inspired me to take out a few of my girls' crayons. Your colors are so vibrant! good stuff...wow, 300 days of creativity....i think that is just amazing! you should be so proud! xxoo

  4. Wow, you create 365 days! It is hard enough for me to come up with something for 30 days straight. I am impressed! Sweet little butterfly/moth!

  5. Thanks! When I first found CED/AEDM I thought it was a challenge for the whole year! (Perhaps mistakeningly.) And now, I guess I have to finish! It's the posting every day that is the biggest challenge this month!

  6. You're so cute. Sometimes I do the same thing...sketching too close to the edge. :) Your butterfly is adorable.

  7. I love your butterfly drawing! I have to agree that posting is the biggest challenge, I try to limit my online to save up time to do other more creative things. So I group my journal entries and only post about them once a week.

  8. Very cute! I think at times it can be difficult to come up with something day after day...but important thing is to have fun with it! No need to worry about whatever results from the creative play :)

  9. Being creative every single day..thats no mean feat to achieve. Wow.

    Thanks for the lovely comment.


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